CCTV Installation

Looking for high-quality CCTV cameras for your Home, Office, School, Supermarket, Car Parking?.

At Techno Flex Solutions we help our clients to ask the right Questions and work with them to find the right solution. We have provided CCTV products and maintenance to both large scale and small business and as a result have the experience as to what works best.

Each of our clients is different with varying backgrounds, circumstances, needs and objectives. Understanding the specific requirements of our clients allows us to accompany them through the different stages of their lives. We offer structured solutions to clients seeking to protect and enhance their wealth in a stable and discreet environment.


In today’s safety and security climate, all business owners and homes should be concerned about equipping their places with the best in security surveillance systems to ensure their operations and property are properly secured at all times. Because we understand how crucial this is, we offer a comprehensive range of cctv and surveillance systems.

  • Protect your premises against theft, vandalism, trespassers and abuse and fit your property with cameras for evidence should any crime take place
  • Cctv products are a deterrent to possible theft or abuse as criminals become aware that they are watched
  • Easily find the right monitoring solution with options such as on-site or even remote monitoring
  • We offer competitive prices on our cctv solutions so you need not worry about exorbitant costs and high maintenance fees
  • Our products are designed to be as user friendly as possible – so you’re able to take full control following some training from our consultants and technicians
  • Our consultants and specialist technicians are on call for any assistance with your system
  • We continue to seek out innovative products to add the best value to your surveillance needs such as high resolution and HD cameras, digital recorders, facial & number plate recognition for your peace of mind
  • We also specialize in installations, training and offer maintenance plans